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If you are looking for quality GSXR 1000 accessories parts then you found it. Our GSXR 1000 parts are far from any other manufacture. We carry and manufacture parts for customizing to track use. Our 300 (OSD) out side drive system chrome big tire kit, logo triple chrome clutch covers, 6 spike pair of chrome or anodized windscreen bolts, diamond cut grips, and chrome triple trees, not only are these GSXR 1000 aftermarket parts hot but are CNC from billet aluminum stock, so you not only get a beautiful finished product, but a durable trusted part. Our on line store has parts most customers didn't even know that were available to them.

Fully adjustable lowering links, blade clutch and brake levers, see thru chrome stator covers in chrome or anodized finish, OEM replacement wheel bearing, swing arm bearings, steering bearings witch have extreme heat ratings, custom painted pig spotters, extended color brake lines, painted solo seats, flush mount turn signal lights, engraved logo tank pads, OEM replacement kanji logo see thru clutch cover, chrome or anodized frame plugs, fully adjustable brake bars for extended swing arms or stock and custom wheels from stock to 240, 300, 330 in chrome or contrast cut. If there are parts you are looking for and don't see them on our siter just make a call or email us for what you are looking for…

How To Install Lowering Links:

You can lower the rear with lowering links.

You can lower the front by raising the forks in the lower and upper triple clamps.

Both of these methods are completely safe. The new dog bones (lowering links) are designed so the rear of the bike rests in a lower position by relocation mounting points etc. By raising the forks in the triple clamps you are lowering the front of the bike without effecting suspension travel because the fork travel is on the bottom of the fork.

Raising the forks is fairly simple requiring front and rear stands and them simply loosening the necessary bolts on the upper and lower triple clamps, clip-ons, and anything else necessary. I always put my floor jack under the front tire to keep pressure on it then I can rely on the hydraulic jack to assist in adjusting the fork tube height in the triple clamp if it is more distance than I can do with the slack in the forks.

Installing the lowering links is a bit trickier as you have to release just enough tension off of the rear suspension to be able to remove the stock links and install the new ones. It's just a matter of balance and mostly takes patience!

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